5 Top Tips to look for in a Wedding Planner

5 Top Tips to look for in a Wedding Planner

When we first started our company, we wanted to brainstorm some ideas of how we can be different from our competition. This includes the type of services we want to offer for our clients. There are such phenomenal wedding planners out there that are educated in the industry and are so passionate about what they do. We always wanted to be different and to create types of wedding services like no other. These are a few tips that will help you to choose the right wedding planner specifically for you.

Let’s face it – you might not vibe with everyone.

Being able to build a relationship with your planner builds TRUST. Communication is key and being able to pitch your ideas to your planner. It’s our job to be able to brainstorm with you and really create a unique vision, bringing those ideas into a reality while also enhancing those ideas. It’s important for a planner not to go straight to the services aspect and to get to know both of you. It’s important to know how you both met and how you proposed. The right wedding planner will want to create a wedding that’s unique to both of you.

Trust the VIBE. Did you leave the meeting with information? Good advice and feedback? It’s important that your planner knows what they are talking about. Were they pushy or did they genuinely want to talk about both of you and how they can help? Did they ask you questions about what specific assistance you needed the most?

Asking the right questions is key. It’s important to know how your planner is going to quickly fix an issue if it arises on your wedding day. Don’t be shy to ask!

Choose the right service that fits both of you. We can all pitch the best service, but make sure it’s something you need. We all have packages available, but it does not mean you can’t ask about other types of services if you need assistance in specific areas! Wedding Planners want to ensure they assist you where needed. After all, it is your special day!

Can the wedding planner prove their experience? This is very important. They need to be educated in the field to be able to give you full expertise with planning & designing your wedding. What kind of weddings have they done in the past? Do they have social media photos you can refer to?

Trust your gut instinct!

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