By Marisa Leigh, C’est Beau Events Coordinator

2021 has been an interesting year!

As a Canadian, it is hard to watch the rest of the world go “back to normal” while we are still stuck in lockdown.

HOWEVER, I have been able to watch and see what trends larger weddings taking place in other parts of the world are being drawn to!

So, after taking 2020 into consideration AND looking into weddings being shared through social media, here are my assumptions on what I think the top 5 wedding trends will be for 2021/2022:

  1. PERSONALIZATION – with weddings being smaller, couples are taking this time to really create an experience, not only for themselves, but for their guests as well.

These attendees are the VIP, they’re your closest friends and families and couples are catering to their unique characteristics & relationships focusing on quality over quantity.

Some examples may be; Seating charts: not only incorporate their name but a favorite drink, color or item that represents your relationship to one another!

If this means creating personalized signs, having a flower wall, incorporating animals on-site, or polaroid pictures as a take-home, whichever!

2. OUTDOOR WEDDINGS – Because why be inside?! We have been cooped up all winter (and lockdown – but I won’t remind you) and couples are now opting for an outdoor or tented wedding venue.

More space to socially distance or create smaller gathering areas where people can casually walk around or sit and chat. This also gives a greater opportunity to portray your theme and decorate more freely

3. VINTAGE COLOUR PALETTES – Similar to the BOHO CHIC trend, this is using retro colours schemes such as (but not limited to) dusty rose, harvest gold, olive green or burgundy.

This is typically seen outside or at barn venues where the rustic wood, twinkling lights are accented with vintage florals, linens, and/or bridesmaid dresses.

Textures here are huge, adding dried pampas grass, cones, or berries in amongst the fresh flowers, or fringe linens really adds to the overall vintage & retro vibe.

4. STATEMENT EARRINGS – This might just be a me thing (I love a good statement earring) but I have seen brides lately incorporate larger earrings to their wedding day attire. I find that this really adds to the overall look and neckline especially when the bride has her hair styled up.

5. TWINKLING LIGHTS – Last, but certainly not least, the twinkle light trend. Whether you are outside or not, these small lights add to the ambience of a fairy-tale like experience. Again, with this trend, there are many ways to make it your own. Adding lights to letters on tables, bistro lighting, wrapping them in trees – these lights will help accent any room and add sparkle to any photo.

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