The Difference Between a Wedding Planner & Wedding Coordinator

The Difference Between a Wedding Planner & Wedding Coordinator

When you start planning a wedding, you may be looking into hiring a professional. While looking on sites you may see different verbiage, wedding coordinator, wedding planner. While looking to hire these individuals to assist in facilitating your perfect wedding day, you may wonder what the differences and similarities are between them. While at first glance they may seem pretty much identical, they’re actually very different.

Wedding Planner

Think of a planner as an all-in service when it comes to making your day happen. From start to finish, planners help you book and, in some cases, negotiate prices with vendors that you are booking. There are different packages that planners may offer depending on what your requirements are. For example, we offer full planning, partial planning, and month of planning services, simply because you may require assistance depending on where you are in your planning process. For vendors you’re looking for, they help you source them. Wedding planners attend venue tours and tastings with you throughout the planning process. They assist in all of the logistics of your day, such as timeline and agenda creations, seating charts and floor plans. All in all, they are that “behind the scenes” person or team that works endlessly to bring your perfect day to life.

Wedding Coordinator

Think of this vendor as someone who is going to help facilitate every logistical part of your wedding day, from the first delivery to the last pick-up of the night. These individuals are there to receive your floral delivery and are there when your chair rentals get returned. They’re great for ensuring that no detail gets missed on the big day. More than that, they’re a reliable partner to handle odds and ends and all things logistical on your wedding day, giving you the freedom to enjoy and not worry about whether the vendors are on time and if they need any assistance or not.

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