What Brides Regret Not Doing For Their Wedding

  • Not hiring a day of coordinator

I’ve heard it all before. Some couples choose not to hire a day-of coordinator. The reason why it’s so important is that the venue really takes care of the fundamentals of the venue itself and not the important details of your wedding. A wedding coordinator will take care of all the logistics and ensure your wedding runs on time. There are so many things that a wedding coordinator does on the day. We really put out any fires that may arise and is there with you to ensure your day runs smoothly. Couples who choose not to have one on their day, always regret it!

  • Not hiring a videographer

In the last 10 years of being in the wedding industry, there’s been many couples who choose to opt out of having a videographer for there wedding day and only choose to have a photographer. Once they see videos of there wedding, you’ll regret not getting professional videos of the two of you and your families. This is something that will always last a lifetime and you’d want to capture.

  • Doing their own centre pieces

Let’s face it. Everyone would love to save money where they can these days. However, this is very time consuming, and leaving it up to the professionals leading up to your wedding day relieves a lot of stress!

  • Skipping out on the late-night station

If your family and friends love the open bar, they will be sure to love and enjoy the late-night station. It’s always important not to leave your guests’ hungry!

  • Not booking a night stay after there wedding reception

Have you thought about where you will be staying the night of your wedding reception? It’s always a great idea to spend a romantic night with just the two of you with all accommodations taken care of. Especially on this day!

  • Not giving the photographer a “must want list”

There are so many postings these days of photographer want lists. It’s important to let them know what your expectations for photo’s are. Want photos of you and your fur baby? Let them know!

  • Not bringing a second pair of comfortable shoes for the reception

Everyone loves to dance the night away in comfortable shoes!

  • A quiet moment just the two of you

After the wedding ceremony, as a planner I love to incorporate at least 10 minutes for my bride and groom to enjoy there time together. The wedding itinerary can be so congested and overwhelming that majority of couples never embrace the fact they just tied the not.

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